AEJ-Bulgaria Condemns the Attack Against TV Journalist Ivo Nikodimov

ivo-nikodimov1-422329-360x202The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) condemns the attack against the journalist Ivo Nikodimov, who hosts the morning talk show of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).
Nikodimov was attacked by three people in a central park in Sofia on Tuesday. The attackers escaped immediately. Although the reasons for the attack remain unknown, it is extremely alarming that a prominent TV journalist can be subjected to aggression in broad daylight.
We call on the authorities to take the necessary measures to identify the perpetrators of this assault.
Unfortunately, this is yet another incident in the past few days which calls into question citizens’ safety. How can people feel safe and protected when journalists of the public service media and representatives of state institutions, such as notaries, are attacked just a few meters away from their workplaces?
Photo: Bulgarian National Television (BNT)


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