AEJ-Bulgaria has been established to peruse the following goals:

  • To enhance the development of independent, modern, resourceful journalism, along with citizen journalism in Bulgaria.
  • To enhance the development of new media and the media sector as a whole.
  • To defend, explain and popularize the ethical standards in journalism.
  • To defend freedom of speech and pluralism of opinions in society.
  • To participate actively in the formation of European civil mentality by deepening the knowledge about Europe and by informing the public about the activities of the European institutions.
  • To provide various educational opportunities in the field of media and journalism in the EU to students, experts, representatives of the NGO sector, the civil society and journalists.

AEJ-Bulgaria will work for achieving the above goals by:

  • Collecting and providing of information about the media sector.
  • Producing and disseminating of publications dedicated to the European values and policies, good journalistic practices, development of the media environment and the involvement of the civil society in the government of the country and EU.
  • Supporting of other initiatives that provide training for journalists and introduce the European values to the society.
  • Supporting the access to resources that develop journalism; research and analysis, producing ratings for the media sector and for the state of the media freedom, producing annual reports on the state of the media in Bulgaria for the Council of Europe.
  • Organizing meetings, discussions, trainings for journalists, students and experts.