A letter of solidarity with journalists in Hungary

AEJ-Bulgaria sent a letter of solidarity with our colleagues in Hungary to one of the biggest Hungarian daily newspapers Népszabadság. Our message is:
The Association of European Journalist-Bulgaria fully supports the struggle of our Hungarian colleagues against the sweeping media law adopted last month by the ruling Fidesz party.
We believe that the rights of professional journalists are being stumbled upon, which is a great threat to the freedom of press. The new law violates the core principles and values of the European Union and contradicts the importance attached to Hungarian Presidency of the European Union.
We encourage Hungarian journalists to continue their relentless opposition and to defend the freedom of expression. That is the way we can all put democracy into practice and stay true to the public’s right to know.
Signed on 17 January 2011 by:
Camelia Ivanova
Delian Petrishki
Doraid Al Hafid
Kristina Histova
Maria Cheresheva
Metodi Gerasimov
Vladimir Ivanov

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