Contest for videos on climate change

14975841739_9972da542c_oWith the Paris 2015 climate conference coming up, there are plenty of possibilities for environmental journalists to publish their work and win prizes. One of them is aimed a video and film makers: The Mobile Film Festival, in partnership with the United Nations, calls on video makers to hand in a clip on climate change.

Apply here with your video.

Only two rules have to be respected: The video must be filmed with a mobile phone and is not allowed to be longer than one minute. Other restrictions in style or technique do not exist. Participants thus can show the topic of climate change in any way possible, as a team, with musical support, however they like.
The first prize can be a starting point for a film making career: The winner will be given EUR 30,000 and the support of a producer to direct a short movie. To decide upon the winner, a jury will chose 100 videos out of all entries to be displayed to the public in November. Via social media, the video makers have the possibility to promote their work and thus gain votes to become the winner of the „Act on Climate Change“-prize.
In addition to the big prize, several smaller awards for the best actor/actress and screenplay as well as audience awards will be given. Winners will be announced during a ceremony at the Mobile Film Festival in December on Paris. The deadline for submitting the movies is September 28, 2015.
Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/flickr/CC-BY-2.0

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