QAnon: All Roads Lead to Global Conspiracy

On September 21, 2019 a Facebook user under the name of Gillar Anastasova Rumiana shared the following information: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the American President Donald Trump are two servants of the Rothschild family (Satan’s Red Shield)... Many of you know that it is common knowledge that every time Donald Trump declares bankruptcy, Rothschild pays the bill.”





The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria launches a media literacy project

The Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria in partnership with the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Exchange Commission launches a media literacy program, which includes up to 30 high schools across Bulgaria. Media Literacy in the Classroom initiative aims to improve students' skills to critically assess and interpret news and information they consume. Journalistic clubs and online school media will also be set up in order to supply stories for a national online platform. The program will provide media literacy classes to a wider group of students who are not involved in the journalistic clubs.

UNICEF and the Association of European Journalists join forces in the important mission for...

An international conference gathered in Sofia leading journalists and experts who presented the first ever Bulgarian Guidebook on ethical reporting of children in media

AEJ-Bulgaria is executing the project “Mediator: A Bridge between Ethical Journalism and the Society”

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria is executing the project "Mediator: A Bridge between Ethical Journalism and Society" with the financial support of America for...